Markets belong to those who are aware of them

Energy efficiency, climate protection and new CO-free technologies play an enormous role for the competition of companies today: in many firms energy costs exceed labor costs, and the demand for safe, environmentally friendly and affordable technologies is increasing. Climate protection and the implementation of climate friendly technologies open new markets and economic opportunities.

Climate protection: economic drive towards the future

Most executive boards have understood that the optimization of energy increases wealth and employment. Nevertheless, I am still often asked: is it, in the long run, worthwhile to increase energy efficiency and apply climate friendly technologies? Will climate protection bring economic benefits? Will the demand for “green products” increase?  The answer to all of the questions is: yes! Yes, it will.

Climate protection is the economic driver of the future. The opportunities for growth are immense. Increasing gains will lead to employment. These effects can be observed at many trade and industry shows and exhibitions, in the finance and property markets, as well as in many company brochures and reports. This change has already brought forth its first winners: energy efficient companies protect the climate and increase their profits with innovative, CO2-free energy technologies. Leading technology companies are winners today and will be in the future, as we can see in the markets for wind and solar power, recycling or power plant technologies. The markets belong to those who are aware of them.