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31. March 2018: Talks in Canada

Ottawa 9th of April 4 p.m. Advancing sustainable energy in troubled times Vancouver 12th of April 1:30 p.m. Germany´s Energy Transition and Cities: Economic Insights and Good Policy

7. April 2014: The German Energiewende has an Image Problem

Here answers to frequently asked questions: -What will you say are the disadvantages and benefits of the Energiewende? Benefits are that Germany will reduce energy imports, and will therefore be less vulnerable from fossil energy price shocks or delivery disruptions. A further advantage is that the costs for renewable energy decline. Energy efficiency improvement drives [...]

19. April 2013: Fracking of gas in Germany? Is it an option? Will it change energy prices?

Here some answers of the most often asked questions:There will be a regulation and high environmental standards formulated. The question is though whether or not fracking is still economically interesting for the firms in Germany. The potentials are limited, but could bring a small fraction to the German gas demand (maximum 13 years). Politically, Germany [...]

8. April 2013: The German Energiewende – fail or success?

"Electricity supply transition" is a better description of what's actually happened. We have a growing supply of renewably generated electricity that is impressive, but otherwise nothing much. The Energiewende had gotten off to a good start, but now it's faltering and in danger of being stopped entirely. Take, for example, investment into a new and [...]

25. August 2010: Is nuclear power necessary?

Can renewable energy substitute nuclear? Why is there such an aggressive campaign by some economic leader? Here are answers to the most often asked questions:1. Last days there has been an aggressive campaign by the so called atom lobby against the governmental plans for a fuel rod levy. There was even a newspaper campaign joined [...]

14. July 2010: There is not green paradox

In Germany, every one is talking about the “green paradox”. Experts, journalists and citizens who are involved in climate protection discuss the green paradox, in discussion forums, workshops, conferences, talkshows. Professor Hans Werner Sinn has written a best-selling book about it. Weiter:http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/n.php?n=there-is-no-green-paradox-2009-07-27