The future is renewable

Climate protection and future energy supply is a global challenge in which politics have to take key actions. In theory, the optimal solution and policy measure is the emissions trading system – however, it does not seem as easy to implement as we would hope.  

Wherever I can, I support sustainable solutions for better future for our climate. There are plenty of existing good ideas: far-reaching measures like climate product labeling (“carbon footprint”), instruments like loans at reduced interest rates for insulated buildings and financial support for energy reduction. Or decisive measures such as the establishment of the German Federal Environment Ministry.  

New energies – for Germany and the world 

As an intermediary between science and politics, I am an active member of many national and international scientific advisory boards and commissions. I act as consultant and reviewer in the elaboration of practical measures for climate protection and a sustainable energy supply.
I advise regularly many ministers and ministries or Parties at federal and state level. On an international level for example, the President of the EU Commission José Manuel Barroso has appointed me in the year 2006, alongside other high level scientists, as a member of the High Level Group on Energy to develop strategies for a unified energy and climate policy. In the year 2012 Norbert Röttgen (CDU) appointed me as shadow minister for Energy in North Rhine- Westphalia, in the year 2013 Thorsten Schäfer- Gümbel (SPD) in Hessen. Currently I am member of the scientific advisory board of the EU Commissioner for Environment and advise the state prime ministers of Lower Saxony and Hesse on their energy strategies.